Ultrasonic Air Humidifier

Ultrasonic Air Humidifier

Price: $49.00 ea.

The LED Humidifier works by simply taking water and turning it into vapor and sending it into the air. Once the Ultrasonic Humidifier has been running for 5 - 10 minutes, a cool change in the rooms temperature will be noticed.

To use the Ultrasonic LED Humidifier, simply fill with water (To the specified level)and switch on. There is a switch nob to control the strength of the Ultrasonic LED Humidifier, and also a light switch to control the lighting of the device.

  • 27 Watts / 220 V
  • 350 - 380 ML / Hour
  • 1.6 - 2.2 Litres

Available in Blue, Pink, Red, Green or White