Stack it, rack it and get it out of sight!

Stack it, rack it and get it out of sight!
Mar 30, 2017

Are you living in a tiny home and constantly tripping over your belongings? Space can come at a premium but luckily at Red Dot we have the solution!

With over 150 storage solutions available in-store, get down to your local Red Dot and stack it, rack it and put it out of sight. We have baskets, boxes, spaces bags, racks, cupboards and drawers – enough to tidy up even the messiest of houses.

Our top 6 tips for clearing clutter?

1.    See if it works: If it doesn’t work, get rid of it. If you want to fix it, then fix it, but don’t let it sit in your house for another month collecting dust.

2.    Think of the last time you used it: if it’s been 6 months since you used it, get rid of it. 

3.    Do you love it? This may seem obvious, but sometimes we keep things we aren’t completely crazy about. Yes, sometimes we spend money on things we don’t love, and sometimes we don’t return them. But if you don’t love it, get rid of it.

4.    Sleep on it. After you’ve made the decision to get rid of some of the clutter in your home, sleep on it. If there’s something you can’t live without, you’ll know in the morning. You can pull it out of the junk bin and put it away.

5.    Clear off Flat Surfaces: Counter tops, shelves and other flat surfaces are clutter-magnets. Mail, bills, magazines, small appliances, and tchotchkes are just some of the items that tend to consume flat surfaces in the home. Make space in drawers or add small boxes or bins to your shelves for paper items – we have a great range of products, perfect for this.

6.    Keep Like Things Together: Categorizing things as you go through them. Keeping like things together forces you to organize your home. And it will make your life easier! 
A cutter-free home will calm your mind. Come down to Red Dot and grab a bunch of storage solutions today, then call your friends and invite them over to admire your beautifully organised home! (We have a great range of party supplies if you feel like celebrating!).