It’s winter – is your best friend feeling the cold?
POSTED ON Jul 19, 2019

The freezing cold winter days do not only affect us, they affect our beloved pets too! Our pets also love warm conditions and need a little tlc - At Red Dot, we understand the needs of your pets, and offer a wide range of jackets and warm bedding to suit your furry friend! We also have fun games to keep them entertained during the cooler months.

Going away? Don’t leave home without these travel essentials
POSTED ON Jul 19, 2019

There's so much to think of when you're planning a weekend away! Red Dot make your lives easier by being your one stop shop for travel accessories! Ranging from luggage tags, neck pillows and adaptors, Red Dot has you covered this holiday season!

3 reasons why you should get your kids involved in arts and crafts
POSTED ON Jul 19, 2019

A small list as to why it is so important for kids to get involved in arts and crafts, to keep their growing and learning minds stimulated, and to show them the fun which can be had all day long!

Winter – The Art and Craft Season at Red Dot
POSTED ON Jul 17, 2019

As the dark and gloomy days are approaching, it's harder to find fun and engaging activities for the kids during the holidays. The simple solution is immersion in arts and crafts. Red Dot have a huge range, at competitive prices. 

Make Mother’s Day Special This Year
POSTED ON May 08, 2019

Mother’s Day is this Sunday, which is quite literally just around the corner! If you haven’t already, then now’s the time to get thinking about how you can make this Mother’s Day one that your Mum will remember for years to come.

Great Recycling Ideas
POSTED ON Apr 11, 2019

In recent years, there has been a massive push for all of us to do our bit for the environment. Regardless of whether it’s recycling, reducing our packaging or choosing to buy products that last longer and can be easily reused, there’s always a little something each of us can do to help our part of the world.

Quick and easy lunchbox ideas for fussy eaters
POSTED ON Apr 11, 2019

One of the most frustrating things for busy mums and dads is packing school lunches that come home virtually untouched.

Young children tend to turn their noses up at the nutritious snacks parents lovingly pack them for a variety of reasons. Perhaps they prefer to spend their break playing instead of eating, or they tire of the same foods week in, week out.

If this is the case in your family - it’s time to get creative!

Get crafty during Easter
POSTED ON Mar 26, 2019

Easter is coming and busy mums across Perth are planning ahead.

It’s always great to have something up your sleeve when it comes to entertaining the kids, whether it’s during their time off school or at gatherings and social events with family and friends.

Arts and crafts are always a winner and can be tailored perfectly to suit your children’s ages.

Picking up a basket of arty goodies is a failsafe way to ensure you don’t get caught out during Easter with kids saying they’re bored or have nothing do do.

Some of the easiest Easter crafts can be created with minimal effort, and keep in mind that kids like to be independent, so the more activities they can take ownership of, the better.

Summer beach days are sorted with Red Dot!
POSTED ON Feb 14, 2019

A fun packed day at the beach is what Summer memories are made of.

Packing up a bag of supplies and setting off with family and friends is one of the highlights of the season for many Aussies.

Creative and cute craft ideas you're sure to love this Valentine's Day
POSTED ON Feb 10, 2019

Valentine’s Day is here and the craft lovers among us will be busy sourcing all the arts and crafts supplies in Perth that they need to make the day special.

Whether you are getting crafty to decorate your home or workplace or simply looking for a fun activity to do with kids, our top picks will see you through.

Share the Love at Red Dot
POSTED ON Feb 10, 2019

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and many parents are sure to be searching for some fun and easy craft ideas to enjoy with their little ones.

Get celebration ready for Australia Day 2019
POSTED ON Jan 24, 2019

It’s a fresh new year, and for many of us, our attentions are focused on making Australia Day 2019 a day to remember.

Back to school supplies
POSTED ON Jan 24, 2019

Do you have little ones heading back to school or perhaps you are about to commence your own educational adventure?

Get your grill on this summer season
POSTED ON Dec 06, 2018

Think of summer dining and entertaining and the first thing that springs to mind is BBQ season.

That favourite time of year is just around the corner and let's face it we don't really need an excuse to fire up the grill as it's fun, tasty and oh so easy to pull off - if we are prepared.

DIY Christmas decorations
POSTED ON Dec 06, 2018

Part of the fun of Christmas is the preparation.

The lead up to December 25 is just as important as the day itself and if we have our homes decorated just as we would like, then we tend to feel happier and more content.

In recent years, there has been a massive shift towards the DIY approach when it comes to decorating and if there are kids in the house - even better!

Leftover Candy? Put a Cake on It!
POSTED ON Oct 12, 2018

When Halloween’s over, you almost always have leftover candy. Your kids may have gotten a huge haul of candy while trick-or-treating, or you may have overestimated how many spookily-costumed trick-or-treaters would knock on your door. Either way, there’s more you can do than sit and eat each individual candy bar alone. Instead, you can go into the kitchen using what you already have from your favourite confectionary store in Perth and make something amazing with that leftover candy. Measure your ingredients and get started!

Halloween Isn’t Just Reserved for Your Little Terrors!
POSTED ON Oct 12, 2018

Grab a few of your girlfriends for a scary movie night with these five spooky punch recipes!

Your spooky Halloween party doesn’t have to be just for the kids. Head to your home entertainment stores in Perth to find everything you need for your Halloween party. Have your friends and their little monsters join you for a fun movie night that you’ll all enjoy. Mix up one of these scary Halloween-themed punch recipes in a cocktail bowl from your favourite party supply store in WA and have some fun!

Keep Your Little Terrors Messy with this Monster Snot Slime
POSTED ON Oct 12, 2018

All kids love playing with slime, and it’s fun and easy to make it yourself. What’s not to love about a Halloween-themed slime recipe? You can get everything you need at your favourite arts & crafts store in Perth.

Scary Spider Craft Decorations
POSTED ON Oct 12, 2018

Everyone loves Halloween decorations, and kids do most of all. Get them involved by letting them help you create some awesome spooky spiders to hang around the house. But first, take them to pick up the arts & crafts supplies in Perth.

Spring Picnic – It’s Time to Spring Out Your Blankets!
POSTED ON Oct 10, 2018

Follow our guide to having the best family picnic ever!

Picnics are a great way to enjoy the warmer weather. Let us help you plan the perfect family picnic by giving you the right tools to make the most of eating outdoors – all from the best store for home entertainment products in Perth.

Spring Cleaning in the Pantry – Follow 10 Quick Storage Hacks for the Perfect Pantry
POSTED ON Oct 08, 2018

Your pantry may be the most important storage location in your home, especially if you love to cook. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most overlooked areas during spring cleaning. Make sure it’s clean and organized with these simple storage hacks, including kitchen storage containers in Perth, from Red Dot.

Spring Clean! It’s Time to Update Your Bedding for the Sunny Weather
POSTED ON Sep 17, 2018

Can you smell the sunshine yet?

The Smart Way to Shop the Last Days of the Sales Season: The Best Time to Buy Winter Wear is Once Winter is Gone!
POSTED ON Sep 17, 2018

Winter is almost over, and that means it’s time to stop thinking about your winter clothes, right?

Why Choose Red Dot for Electrical Products?
POSTED ON Jul 26, 2018

Anytime is a good time to upgrade your electrical products or find a new way to make your life more efficient – or just more enjoyable. There is always a new way to work out…a new toy for the kids…or even things you need to keep on hand.

Keep Your Garden Looking Fantastic!
POSTED ON Jul 26, 2018

Spring is right around the corner, and it’s time to start thinking about doing some odd jobs outside, planting or transplanting, or just generally sprucing up your garden. Maybe you need a gift for someone who thrives outdoors. Maybe you’re just starting to learn about gardening and need basic supplies Regardless of the reason, Red Dot is the place to be for all your gardening and outdoor needs. 

Stay warm and toasty this winter with these yummy soups
POSTED ON Jun 25, 2018

*Brrrrrr* baby it’s cold outside. It’s time to warm up your insides with some yummy recipes to feed your soul and heat up your cold bones!

With the temperature dropping and the rain increasing, nothing says comfort food more than traditional favourites, so we’ve put together a list of our three favourites.

You’ll love them, the kids will love them, and we’re pretty sure Chopper loves them too!

School holidays + Wet weather  = KIDS GONE W-I-L-D (and parents going mental)
POSTED ON Jun 25, 2018

It’s okay, take a breath, Red Dot can help!

The school holidays are almost here, and we can feel stress levels rising as parents tear out their hair wondering how they can keep their little monkey's darlings occupied over the mid-term break.

Red Dot has a few ideas to help you cope over the holidays, so read on and enjoy.

Winter Health for Your Pets – Keep Your Pets Happy and Healthy This Winter
POSTED ON Jun 13, 2018

Winter is slowly creeping up on us, bringing shorter days and cold temperatures. Like us humans, our pets prefer to stay cuddled up in a warm blanket, away from the cool, dark, windy conditions. Red Dot are passionate about our pets – we can’t help it, we love all our fur babies!

We want you to keep your pets safe this winter, so here are our top tips to keep your pet’s healthy and happy this winter: 

Winter Walking Trails: Fill that backpack and get outside!
POSTED ON May 18, 2018

Winter is around the corner, and it is one of the best times to go for a hike. Average winter temperatures in Perth are lovely and mild, so, gather up essential items in a stylish backpack from Red Dot, and set out on a beautiful winter adventure. Winter is around the corner, and it is one of the best times to go for a hike. Average winter temperatures in Perth are lovely and mild, so, gather up essential items in a stylish backpack from Red Dot, and set out on a beautiful winter adventure. 

Can the right curtains save you $ on energy bills?
POSTED ON Apr 20, 2018

We all want to save money on our electricity, water, heating and cooling bills.


School Holiday Snacks!
POSTED ON Apr 10, 2018
It’s hard enough coming up with creative ideas for lunchboxes every week, and when the kids are home during school holidays they always seem to be hungry, poking their heads around the kitchen!
POSTED ON Mar 15, 2018

Easter is almost here and Red Dot have all your Easter needs covered! From tiny choccie eggs to big chocolate rabbits, we know the pressure is on for the Easter Bunny to deliver on time, and we’re always willing to help him out!

POSTED ON Feb 28, 2018

Are you that person who rushes home, pushes past the kids and grabs your fur baby in your arms? Us too!

Picnic Weather - Red Dot has you sorted for the perfect summer picnic!
POSTED ON Feb 23, 2018

The good weather is set to last a little bit longer, so why not  take advantage of it and plan a picnic this weekend? Red Dot has everything you need for a successful picnic. Follow our top picnic tips and get into your closest Red Dot store.

Australia Day BBQ
POSTED ON Jan 09, 2018

Chopper loves Australia Day, and he knows you do to! He’s got a fantastic range of Aussie day products available at your local Red Dot store, so come on in today and see what’s on offer

Fill your stockings at Red Dot
POSTED ON Dec 12, 2017

We have a huge range of toys to fill out your stockings this Christmas – all at super low prices.

School Holiday Craft for Kids
POSTED ON Nov 30, 2017

The countdown is on until the school holidays are here and your little terrors have hours of free time on their hands.

Why not head down to your local Red Dot store and stock up on craft materials to help keep those little hands out of mischief?

Hosting the perfect summer BBQ
POSTED ON Nov 06, 2017

Summer is almost here so it’s time to dust off the barbie, shake out the picnic rug and get yourselves ready for a party! Hosting the perfect summer bbq is easy with Red Dot, as we have everything you need to make your event run smoothly and hassle free.

Want to scare your neighbours silly?
POSTED ON Oct 20, 2017

If you don’t feel up to carving pumpkins (and value having all your fingers) why not decorate your Halloween pumpkins instead! The only limitation you have is your imagination – get the kids involved and see what they can bring to life.

How To Carve A Pumpkin
POSTED ON Oct 17, 2017

Halloween is just around the corner, so why not grab yourself a pumpkin and practise your pumpkin carving!

How to decorate your house for Halloween!
POSTED ON Oct 12, 2017

Halloween brings out the kid in most of us. The air starts to cool, pumpkins appear on shelves, and before you know it, your front lawn is a cemetery!

Spring Wardrobe Cleanout
POSTED ON Sep 04, 2017

Spring is the perfect time to sort through your wardrobe. Take advantage of the cool before summer sets in, gather your strength and take the bull by the horns. Sorting through a well-stuffed wardrobe can be a daunting task but if you break it down you’ll get through it.

It’s that time again, BOOK WEEK IS HERE!
POSTED ON Aug 15, 2017

Running from the 19-26 August this year’s theme is ESCAPE TO EVERYWHERE – so get your thinking cap on and decide which character to be!

Get baking with Red Dot as we proudly sponsor RSPCA’s Cupcake Day.
POSTED ON Aug 08, 2017

Attention all animal lovers – Chopper is asking to you get into the kitchen and bake some goodies to support the RSPCA’s Cupcake Day on Monday, 21 August. 100% of fund raised through your baking efforts will help rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome the 135,000 animals that come through RSPCA shelters every year.

POSTED ON Jul 26, 2017

Chopper is crazy about rocks and he wants you to get your kids involved in this awesome craze!

We love anything crafty at Red Dot which is why we have such a huge range of art and craft materials, suitable for all the budding Van Gogh’s and Da Vinci’s in your family.

Winter Warmer - Roast Recipe
POSTED ON Jul 19, 2017

Roast chicken is usually saved for lazy Sunday evenings, but you can turn it into a weeknight meal by using chicken pieces and some chopped veggies and cooking it all on one of Red Dot’s fabulous roaster trays!

Cool Crafts for the Holidays
POSTED ON Jul 03, 2017

The school holidays are here and Red Dot has the answer for parents wanting to keep their little terrors occupied over the winter break.

We have put together a series of craft projects for the kids. The videos have easy to follow instructions and are sure to keep the kids busy.

They are all simple to do – all you need to do is visit your nearest Red Dot shop for the materials, then sit back and relax as the kids do all the work!

Don’t forget to check out the specials in our latest catalogue!

Creating an Awesome Office Space for Kids These Holidays
POSTED ON Jun 28, 2017

School holidays are almost here and this is the perfect time to think about creating an awesome office space for the kids.

Health Benefits of Salt Lamps
POSTED ON Jun 21, 2017

All sorts of claims have been made about Himalayan pink salt lamps, a popular type of negative ion generator. Properties of these lamps are supposed to range from purifying the air to preventing cancer.

Chopper is barking proud of wa!
POSTED ON Jun 07, 2017

Red Dot are thrilled to have been a part of RSPCA’s Million Paws Walk in 2017. Over 6,000 walkers walked alongside 5694 doggy friends to raise a grand total of $303,000!!!